Instructions to use TeeChart with FMXLinux

Once installed in RAD Studio, TeeChart VCL/FMX can target a variety
of platforms, including Windows, macOS, Android, iOS and Linux.
Here we'll try to guide you through the steps to configure your RAD Studio to compile TeeChart projects for Linux.

  • Configure your IDE to target Linux following the instructions from Embarcadero.

  • Install TeeChart with Sources.

  • Generate the prefixed units in the "FMX" folder by running TeeRecompile.
    You can just run it in the command prompt with the


    argument (where


    is the Product Version of your IDE).
    Ie, for RAD 11 Alexandria:

    TeeRecompile -generateunits:28
  • Add the "FMX" folder in the Library path for the "Linux
    64-bit" platform:


  • Add the "FMXTee" unit scope name for the "Linux 64-bit" platform:


Note for TeeChart v2021.32

Trying to compile an FMX project with a Chart
will give you an error on the FMXTee.Canvas.pas unit.
To fix this issue in v2021.32, change the condition where the error raises from this:

if Assigned(ABrush.Bitmap)
{$IFDEF FMX}and Assigned(ABrush.Bitmap.Bitmap) and (not ABrush.Bitmap.Bitmap.IsEmpty){$ENDIF}
{$IFDEF CLX}and (not ABrush.Bitmap.Empty){$ENDIF} then

To this:

if Assigned(ABrush.Bitmap)
{$IFDEF FMX}and Assigned(ABrush.Bitmap.Bitmap) and (not ABrush.Bitmap.Bitmap.IsEmpty){$ELSE}
{$IFDEF CLX}and (not ABrush.Bitmap.Empty){$ENDIF}{$ENDIF} then

Finally, having RAD Studio connected to a Linux machine with PAServer, you should
be able to build and run your projects:


Happy <Linux> charting.